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Default Master aethertapping/essensetapping?

Is there a point in getting aethertapping and essensetapping to master? I'v yet to see a single item that requires 500+ and I'v been all around Sarpan and Tiamaranta.

Also, if I have essensetapping, aethertapping, and alchemy at expert, can I get another craft to expert? I'v heard that aethertapping/essensetapping don't actually count as crafts.

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Default Re: Master aethertapping/essensetapping?

I don't think there is. Wasn't aware that you could go to master. I do recommend 499 though. From what I understand, More Aether Gathering = Faster gathering which saves flight time thus raising efficiency. More Essence Tapping = higher % of rare draws.
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Default Re: Master aethertapping/essensetapping?

I guess maxing it is only useful to get less failures and faster gathering (as skjald said) which is not so useless.

For the second question yeah, they don't count as crafts I've heard as well.
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Default Re: Master aethertapping/essensetapping?

Bumping this. Need mathematical opinions here. Since after a 40p difference between your aethertapping level and the node's requirement, you get no more exp, does this mean you pay to get master...only to level up to 515(highest nodes I know of are 475) ?
If that's the case the bonuses in speed/efficiency aren't astonishing. I doubt those 15p will give you even a second more of "casting" speed on the node.

PS: (just dreaming) I wish essencetapping/aethertapping would give moving speed/flight speed or something, the higher your level is.

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