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Default Decorate Your Space! comments

Players can use this thread to comment on submissions entered into the Decorate Your Space! contest!
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Default Re: Decorate Your Space! comments

@ Machinator's home - Props to you. Very creative on the throne room! Good luck to you.

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Default Re: Decorate Your Space! comments

*sigh* my little studio somewhat pales in camparison to the grandure of many of the entries.. Oh well, nothing several 100 million couldn't solve. Some day..

Well, a couple more weeks, and the in game econ should start getting back to some sort of normalicy.

Still bothered that on Studio's, legion mate must also be on your friends list to be able to visit the studio. I don't know if that a bug, or a feature that ran up against some bad code or what was intended. Especially bothered that alts on the same account can visit each other studio's automaticly.

Some amazing looking places. Hopefully there were more mailed in entries then the few postings on the contest thread.

Can't wait to see some of the entries that were e-mail only entries..

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Default Re: Decorate Your Space! comments

Let's beg for another competition in a few months, Bittena ^^

I am going to start preparing now *fierce look*.

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