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Default No more combat sound?

So I changed my graphics setting, I usually run the game maxed out but their was a random raid of asmos vs elyos in a low lvl zone and I figured I would change my settings a bit for less lag, first setting I changed was my view distance, and as soon I clicked okay I had no more combat sound, I tried default, I tried checking sound options nothing is muted. The sound is just gone. I deleted my sound file and fixed/checked aion nothing is working. It's not my sound card, if it was I would have no sound in anything else. It's just doing this in aion. I'm currently going to un-install it all and re-install and hope for a fix. If not, did anyone else ever have this problem that was able to fix it after? Nothing I found online worked as for soundcards like I said if it was that nothing else would be working normal.
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Default Re: No more combat sound?

Sorry, but my sound is fine. A re-install should hopefully fix your problem.
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Default Re: No more combat sound?

Necro'ing this on purpose, so if anyone else has this problem, and does a search on how to fix it, will be able to have the answer.

To re-enable combat sounds, after turning everything onto lowest graphics possible, go into your graphics settings, and click Display Effects back onto 'self' or 'group'. When this is on 'none', combat sound effects aren't enabled. It's a little counterintuitive, to change a graphic setting to get your sound back, but this will fix it.

Redownloading/installing Aion is not needed.

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