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Default What are you wearing?

Greetings Daevas!

We are looking for ways to better meet your needs in terms of events, promotions, sales, etc!

One of the things we are trying to better understand is what gear our players our wearing and how they are using it. While pulling info from the database will show us how many people own balic daggers vs cruci daggers vs pve boss drop daggers - it doesn't give us a profile of what our players are using as a set, or how many sets they have.

Here is what we would like to enlist your help with. We would like to know:

Your class
Gear set (s) - this includes level, rarity, enchant level, and stones socketed and purpose of the set
Goal for future sets

You MAY NOT make fun of someone elses's gear, called them a noob or otherwise insult people based on what they post. If you post is not regarding your own gear, then it will be removed.

If you don't want to post this info, but still would like to help us as we are making improvements, please send the info to!

Example of what we are looking for:

Cleric - Level 60
DPS set
  • Level 55 Tier 1 Crucible Cloth, socketed MB +27/MA +14
  • Level 60 Sky Dragon Emporer's Durable Staff combined with Level 55 Crucible Tier 1 Staff, socketed MB +27
Block set
  • Level 55 Tier 2 Crucible Chain, socketed Block +27, enchanted +5
  • Level 55 Tier 2 Crucible Mace, enchanted +2, socketed Block +27
  • Level 55 Tier 2 Crucible Shield, enchanted +13, socketed Block +27
Healing set
  • Stormwings's Level 55 chain set, except gloves which are Level 55 Tac Officers Divine Gloves (for the cast speed), socketed HP +95
  • Level 55 Stormwing's Mace and Shield, socketed MB +27
  • Level 55 Crucible Cloth Bandana
  • Level 55 Deb's Turquoise Necklace (working to replace with 60 AP)
  • Level 55 Guardian Brigade General's Turquoise Earrings x2
  • Level 55 Guardian Briagade Generals Turquoise Rings x2
  • Level 60 Guardian Commander's Sash
Gear Goal - upgrade Block set to Level 55 Guardian Primus Pilate gear and enchant to +10 (so far have gloves socketed Block +27 and enchanted to +7)

We are working to get feedback to make improvements so please help us by posting or emailing your info!! Thanks!
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Default Re: What are you wearing?

mmmm I'll bite. Don't judge me ;~;

Sorcerer - Level 60
DPS/PvP/whatever else set

Level 55 Tier 1 Crucible Cloth, socketed MB +27/MA +14/MA +12
Level 60 Tier 1 Crucible Cloth Pauldrons, socketed MB +27
Level 55 Tier 1 Crucible Tome combined with Debilakarim's Tome, socketed MB +27 (silence godstone) Currently +2


Level 56 Aturam's Bandana
Level 52 Deb's Turquoise Necklace
Level 55 Vorpal Turquoise Earrings
Level 52 Ruler Malika's Earrings
Level 45 Elizer's Sapphire Ring
Level 30 Guardian Squad Leader's Aquamarine Ring
Level 58 Geren's Sash

Gear Goal - Getting either 60c1 (have 1 piece now, rest is 55 c1) or c2 armor (if I get c1 then eventually get AP 60 armor). Get 60e accessories and finishing Kahrun's Tome within the week. For my last tome, thinking about one of the 60 AP tomes and using Kahrun's Tome as the combine. Might keep my c1 with blind as a 2nd set and +10 it. considering kahrun pve armor for well..pve and the looks xD Also intending the +10 my armor (pvp set) as well.

And yes my gear SUCKS! >:O lol
fk you

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Default Re: What are you wearing?

PvE - Siel's Forgotten (L60 Daevonian) set, socketed to 960 Attack, 900 Crit.

PvP - Slowly building a full MR+14 L60 T2 Arena set.

Weapon for both: Sunayaka's Spear, +10'd combined with L60 PvP arena T2. Fully socketed with Crit +17.

Guardian Brigade General's Corundum Necklace (55 AP)
Guardian Commander's Leather Belt (60 AP)
Guardian Commander's Corundum Earrings (60 AP)
Deb Corundum Earrings (L52 from Udas) <- Need another Commander's.
2x Orichalcum Key's Jewel Ring <- Need 60 AP.
L60 Arena T2 Helm

Arcanus Wing Feather

Also; I expected an Account Hijack when I saw this title with Nyx's name attached to it.

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Default Re: What are you wearing?

reserved for later
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Default Re: What are you wearing?

Oh, this is fun. :]

I play a L60 Asmodian Cleric on Tiamat. I originally geared her to up to be a DPS cleric but have over time have fallen back in to being a healer. 50e was originally MB. Now it's back to block until I finish my 60a.

MB set
- L55 Cruci T1 socketed Magic Boost +27.
- L55 Cruci T2 cloth hat
- Noble Horned Dragon Emperor's Staff socketed Magical Accuracy +14 combined with L55 Cruci T1 PVP Staff. Enchanted to +15.
- Noble Horned Dragon Emperor's Durable Staff Socketed Magic Boost +27 combined with a Pacification Staff. Enchanted to +10.

Block set
- Full 50e socketed block. 4/5 pieces are +15, one piece is +10.
- 60a augmented socketed block, +4 on both pieces
- L60 Cruci T2 Chain hat (Antros)
- Stormwing's Warhammer. 6 slots and socketed Block +27 with a blind godstone.
- Noble Coliseum Champion's Cudgel (L55 Cond 2 Mace) socketed Block +27 with a damage godstone from the officer quest because I thought it'd be silly.
- Nishaka's Shield +10

MR set
- 3/5 L60 Cruci T2 Chain (Antros). Hauberk, Brogans, and Handguards.
- 2/5 L55 Cruci T1 Chain.
- All socketed MR +14.

- Full Circle accessories (L55 PVE eternal)
- Kahrun's Turquoise Necklace
- Kahrun's Turquoise Earring x 1
- L60 PVP rings
- ABG Belt

My end game goal would be 60a block with full Kahrun accessories. I also plan on getting the 60a shield, then finishing 60a accessories and socketing my 50e back to MA and keeping EC MB.

Hopefully that was helpful. ^^
There is too much middle management in our post apocalyptic group.

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Default Re: What are you wearing?

SM - 60
armor:used for both pvp and pve
50e - 3 pieces MA 14, 2 pieces MB 27
3 pieces at +11, 2 pieces at +10
weapon:used for both pvp and pve
MC darkwater orb with 50 ne combine all stacked MB 27
at +5
accessories:used for both pvp and pve
ragnarok/omega eternal accessories
gbg belt
eternal kahrun wings

future set:
master noble durable darkwater tome socketed all MA
noble sky dragon emperor's durable orb socketed all MB
eternal kahrun accessories

also i request that for the next event,we should get some sexy nightgown

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Default Re: What are you wearing?

LOL Thread title name sounds naughty. You'll get good traffic <3

Cleric - Level 60
Level 55 Tier 2 Crucible Cloth, socketed MB +27/MA +14 (all +1)
Level 60 Kahrun Peace Staff/ABG combine, socketed MB +27 +10 (unless I screw it up and try to go for 15)

PVP MA Additions
Level 60 Sky Dragon Emporer's Durable Staff combined with Level 55 Crucible Tier 2 Staff, socketed MA 14 +10
Level 55 ABG cloth gloves socketed with MA14s

Block set

MR Set

Healing set
Lvl 60 Crucible Tier 2 Boots, socketed with HP+1. These boots were made for healing!
Lvl 60 Crucible Tier 1 Kariff Shield socketed with HP +1
Zerking Sunayaka Warhammer Socketed with HP +7

PVP Accessories
Lvl 60 Eternal rings x2
Lvl 60 Eternal earring x1
Ksanat's Eternal Belt (from dredge)
Kucharin's Hairpin Gold (from dredge)

LVL 60 Ravager Legs, Shoes Shoulders all MB27 unplussed

Healing Boost
LVL 60 Rebel Cleric 2/5 socketed with healing boost (use Ravager cloth 3/5 for mana)

HP set
Jotun Chain set socketed with HP +1'd

Lvl 60 Tater's Sash
Lvl 60 Kahrun Turq Earring x1
Lvl 60 Elite Reian Turq Earring x1
Lvl 60 Elite Reian Turq Necklace
Lvl 58 Leti's Tur rings x 2
Lvl 59 Tiamatian Chain hood

Gear Goals
- Get full Tier 2 Crucible set HP until built and then MR it up.
- Get Sunyaka hammer to +10
- Get lvl 60 pvp Shield (non augment)
- Eventual lvl 60 PVP armor (non augment - don't want to pay ap for gear upkeep)
- Get Full Kahrun PVE set and maybe the wings.

P.S My wings are Skafir's wing feather. and I love them <3
"If you light a lamp for someone else, you brighten your own path as well."
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Default Re: What are you wearing?

Attack Set [Armor, Full Socketed +5 Attack]:
LVL 60 Gonon's Arena Set +10 (Tier2 Set)

Magic Resist Set [Armor, Socketed Full +14MR]:
LVL 55 Noble Coli Champ's Set (Tier 2 set) (+2-3 enchanted)

+15 Guardian Captain's Poniard with Silence GS
+15 Guardian Brigade General's Sword with Paralyze GS
[Secondary] +10 Guardian Brigade General's Dagger with Blind GS
[Bow] Tac Officer's Bow +1 with Slow GS Combined with 55 crucible T1 PvP bow

Rings - Guardian Commander's / Guardian Brigade General's Ring [1 of each]
Necklace - Guardian Commander's Neck
Earrings - GBG Earrings x2
Belt - Guardian Commander's Belt
Helm - Noble Sky Dragon Emperor's Elegant Durable Malevite Glasses

Future Gear Sets:
60e +15 (Will have this in a few months or less)
Finishing the rest of my GCD Accessories (Won't take long)
Second 60 aug2 weapon
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Default Re: What are you wearing?

Assassin - Level 60

Main Set (Socketed with all Attack 5's)

40 Elite Chest Piece
Level 60 Tier 1 Eternal Crucible Gloves, Pants, Boots, Pauldrons


Adella's Dagger
Level 55 Tier 2 EC Sword


Level 60 Tier 1 Eternal Crucible Hat
40 Abyss Necklace
Level 30 Abyss Earrings
Ragnarok Corundum Ring
Level 30 Abyss Ring

Gear Goal

I'm currently saving up for a Level 60 AP Dagger, as well as working towards a Tier 1 60 EC Chest to replace my 40E Chest. After that I'll be working on getting new Accessories.

All of this also needs enchanting but with enchant stones that I need currently going for 20m a pop it's not really feasible.
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Default Re: What are you wearing?

Cleric - Level 60


L60 Kahrun's Peace Staff/combine 55 ec t2, socketed MB +27, ench +10
L60 Elite Archon Sentinel's Hauberk, socketed MB +27, ench +10
L60 Elite Archon Sentinel's Chausses, socketed MB +27
L60 Elite Archon Sentinel's Spaulders, socketed MB +27, ench +1
L60 Elite Archon Sentinel's Handguards, socketed MB +27
L60 Elite Archon Sentinel's Brognans, socketed MB +27, ench +1

MR Set

L60 Archon Commander's Divine Spaulders, socketed MR +14
L60 Archon Commander's Divine Hanguards, socketed MR +14
L60 Archon Commander's Divine Brognans, socketed MR +14, ench +10
L60 Antro's Hauberk, socketed MR +14
(10 mithril short of aug2 pants atm, sooooon)


L60 Sunakaya's Hairpin
L55 Stately Coliseum Champion's Bandana
L60 Archon Commander's Turquoise Necklace
L60 Archon Commander's Turquoise Earringsx2
L60 Archon Commander's Turquoise Ringx2
Ksanat's Belt
Kahrun's Wings

Finishing up Aug2 MR set
Macc staff, either balic or another Kahrun
edit: Ohhhhh and enchanting my gear.. don't grind enough to make the monehs!!

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