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Default Basics of crafting for beginners.

Crafting can be overwhelming in just about any MMO, but hopefully this will give you a basic guide on the generals of crafting. If you are looking for more detailed information on a specific type of craft then try that craft’s forum and ask away. They are sure to help you in there. For each section, if someone assisted me in putting this together I am putting their name and server to give them credit.

Please note: the fluxes necessary for weapons, some accessories, and armor can be extremely expensive, but with 1.9 we have yet to see what is going to happen to the market and if things will balance out.

Levels of Crafting.
Between each level of crafting you will have to pay a fee to train up and be able to access the next level.
  • Amateur crafting is 1-99
  • Novice crafting 100-199
  • Apprentice crafting is 200-299
  • Journeyman crafting is 300-399 (To this point you may have all crafts on one character)
  • Expert crafting is 400-449 (Maximum two crafts at this level per character)
  • Artisan crafting 450-499 (maximum two crafts at this level per character) – Cost to access: 5.8 million kinah

Critical Proc’ing

The bane of our crafting, the RNG (random number generation) probability that our items will “go noble” and become high grade versions of what we are crafting.

Sometimes an item will require multiple procs (I call it proc stacking). This means that you will have to craft a white item till it procs green, then use that green item to proc a blue and then the blue to proc gold. If at any time in this chain you miss a proc, lets say the green stays green instead of proc’ing blue, you have to start over and try again.

Getting Started
Where to begin? Let’s take a look at each of the crafts.
  1. Alchemy – Everything magic! Potions (mana, health, flight, and more), scrolls (buff stats like attack, attack speed, run and flight speed, etc.) Tomes and orbs for casters.
  2. Armorsmithing – Gear and Shields. Platemail and Chainmail.
  3. Cooking – Consumables for bonus to stats, resists, and transformation candies for fun!
  4. Handicrafting – Jewelry, bows and staves, and some headgear
  5. Tailoring – Cloth and leather armor combined into 1 craft
  6. Weaponsmithing – Maces, polearms, swords, daggers, basically, everything pokey!
Things to consider when you are picking a craft…
  1. Do you like crafting?
  2. What do you want to accomplish?
  3. Are you okay with large amounts of gathering?
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Default Re: Basics of crafting for beginners.

This section will go into each craft a bit more and will help you make a decision. I've asked for help from the others here and included their opinions and information when I can. Everyone is given credit.


I actually really like Alchemy, I have a sorc alt who is my pot maker. I haven’t bothered with taking the final exam and gather mats for everything I need on my level 50 cleric. Since I gather everything myself my pots cost me 60kinah a bottle and my scrolls cost me only about 1400kinah (the cost of the paper).

Creates: Potions of all kinds, scrolls, tomes, orbs, temporal stones for abyss artifacts.

The Final Exam:
The first part of the quest requires you get a Noble Durable Proof Orb. To get this item you craft the Noble Durable Proof Orb. The item must get a critical proc which only has a chance of occurring. Sometimes you will get it on the first one, others times it will take 10 that is just the joy of the Aion crafting system. while the second part requires you to get Worthy Noble Durable Proof Orb.

(Atrum – Meslantaeda)
I personally wasted over 20 million kinah before eventually buying it from a friend for 7 million. I find the quest is harder than handicrafting or weaponsmithing expert as they can gather their mats where we have to get elemental stones which drop off mobs.
Once you get expert getting to 449 is easy (getting to 499 will be easy as well when 1.9 comes out) as you are essentially just making potions.

Experiences of others:

(Terrafirma – Siel)
In general, Alchemy should NOT be anyone's first attempt at a job profession to try and make money with. The amount of time and kinah invested into the job itself rarely equals a net profit. The low-level potion crafts aren't even worth the bottles the potions reside in, and the high-level potions are so mass-produced by expert Alchemists and other high-ranking Alchemists that it isn't worth trying to sell them to make a profit.

In addition, Alchemists are the ONLY profession that gets their primary item component from monster drops. Yes, Tailors also get one of their primary item components (the Leathers) from monster drops, but they can make money just off of their cloth armor, which they can gather the materials for. Every other craft profession is able to gather the items needed to make their goods. And not only does an Alchemist have to grind on mobs for these items, but they don't even drop every kill, AND the amount of the Elemental Stones needed to mass-produce items are ridiculously obscene (easily into the 1000's) that the only reliable way of getting them is paying over-priced Auction House prices.

With all of that said, if you use this craft to just make items for you and any alts is a MASSIVE kinah-saver. With only a few hours of gathering materials and paying the broker for your stones, you can make yourself thousands of potions and scrolls which will last you months, possibly even years before you need to consider another gather and crafting session.

(Atrum – Siel)

There is a lot of gathering required if you don't want to buy the herbs. Currently on my server the herbs sell more than the pots and recovery potions and serums have a hard time selling even if you undercut enormously. There is also a lot of competition for scrolls/manastones on my server as well so you won't make profit quickly by going those routes either.

But of course, this is just on my server and it will differ per server as does anything.

I did not receive help on this section so I can only put down what I have heard and observed.
Armor-smithing is expensive because of the mats you have to buy from the vendor, but for the most part is cheaper because the ore required is easy to gather.

The Final Exam:
For this final you do not need to stack proc’s. There are two parts to the test also.

Part 1 requires you craft Noble Durable Adamantium Shield
Part 2 requires that you craft Worthy Noble Durable Orichalcum Shield.

Where Armor-smithing can be difficult is that the second part of the test is a high level craft that you can fail on entirely, where alchemy and weapon-smithing are lower level crafts. It is very simple to avoid failing though, simply gather everything you need, make the required bars etc. and hand all of the mats to someone who is already a master armor-smith. Since the items are not bind on pick up you can have someone else craft it and give it back to you, at least this way you do not risk failing completely and will have items to vendor back if there is no proc.


Cooking is by far, a cake walk… ha ha! See what I did there? Ummm… anyways… moving on…

It is by far the EASIEST profession out there. You can make some decent money, slowly, but decent, most of what you need is a gatherable so you don’t have to rely on flux drops etc. you can always just go get it yourself.

The final exam is simple. You have to cook a meal and get the proc’d versions of the items. In cooking they are called “tasty.” Cooking also has the highest proc rate out of all of the crafts so it is even easier than it already was.

If you are level 50 and simply looking for a profession to grind up so that you can attempt to proc the heart for the level 50 pants quest then this is the only profession you should consider; especially, if you have no intentions of ever crafting again after that. Most people can take this craft to 399, do the final, and level to 449 (max right now) for anywhere between 2.5-5 million while all other crafts are going to take at least 10 million + unless you are freakishly lucky.


So this is my specialty, and while it was a complete pain to get the expert done, it wasn't terrible. Everything but the fluxes can be gathered and they are expensive but manageable if you gather the mithril, zeller, and rubies while you gather orichalcum ore.

Personally, as with every craft, I recommend saving for multiple tries. You could end up lucking out and getting your procs on the first one, but... most likely you won't. Saving for multiples isn't as depressing as doing one at a time (in my opinion at least) and if you get multiple procs (like I did) you can make a bit of your cash back. (I spent about 17-20 million on the second part of my final and got 10 mill for the one I sold so in total was about 7-10 mill lost).

I really like weapon-smithing, the level 30 and 40 balic weapons are nice, and while expensive aren't as difficult to make as standard weapons are so they feel a bit more... rewarding I guess. LOL
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Default Re: Basics of crafting for beginners.


No conversation about crafting is complete without discussing gathering. There are two types of gathering (called tapping) in this game, vitality and aether. Each can be leveled to 499 and the max level attainable is limited by character level.
  • Apprentice Tapping 200-299 – Minimum level 30
  • Journeyman Tapping 300-399 – Minimum level 40
  • Expert Tapping 400-499 – Minimum level 50

Each of the types has a final exam to begin collecting level 400+. The exam consists of a special ring (one for essence and one for aether) that you have to purchase for around 2.4 million kinah. You then wear this ring to give you a slight chance the you will find a special rare quest loot while gathering. When you find the required items, off the required node types you will finish the quest and after handing it in will get a super keen hat.

**In up coming patches certain high level gatherables will need special items to be collected. When available they will be sold in new areas.

Essence Tapping

The gathering of Lady Nature’s gifts, plants, fish, animals, minerals, vegetables (this reminds me of a game…). This is simple, you see something that can be gathered and you click on it. You get a gathering window if you are at least the level of the item or higher and two little bars, one blue and one red. The blue bar is the completion bar and the red bar is the fail bar. If the blue bar reaches the end before the red bar does you get to gather the item. The higher your gathering level in comparison to an item the faster you will gather and the less likely you are to fail. Most gathering nodes will get you 3 pulls.

Aether Tapping

A bane, a necessity, sometimes, decent money. Aether gathering is very, very annoying, I’m not even going to attempt to lie to you about that.

Aether comes from those little green crystals you see floating in the are above the fortresses in each of the zones that contain an actual fortress, and in a few key other locations in each zone. Basically, you pop your wings, fly to a node, gather it like you would a plant or mineral and repeat until the node is gone. Most aether nodes will get you 4-6 pulls.

Website Help

This website link (shared by Ayriel – Ariel) is a comprehensive list of both factions’ items and levels. You can organize by each of the different column headings. The name of each item also links you to a map that shows you where to gather the items.

This website (shared by Buffinator – Israphel) gives you maps of each zone and where you can find nodes for each item.

Tips N’ Tricks

1) Gathering bug - When gathering a node (of either type) immediately after succeeding in the gather if you move slighty forward it will stop the “I win” animation and allow you together again. There is a bug with gathering that if you consecutively gather too quickly they will glitch and auto fail.

2) Building a Flight suit – You will want to pay attention to any jewelry or armor you get that has +flight time attached to it. It is a good idea to keep these items to use as a flight suit for extensive aether gathering session. Even if the item is level 20 and you are 40 keep the item in your bank to help you. You will also want to consider putting green +flight time mana stones in any armor pieces you have that give extra flight time.

3) My biggest suggestion for gathering is to try and do your aether gathering on a double XP weekend if you are leveling it up. Double XP weekends make you level all types of crafting and gathering at double the rate, when you are aether gathering this can be unbelievably helpful in accomplishing the task. While it may seem boring to grind out aether gathering for an entire weekend, you can trust me when I say, it is well worth the time on a dbl xp weekend.
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Default Re: Basics of crafting for beginners.

Bumping this because I have added to it and need thoughts and opinions.
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Default Re: Basics of crafting for beginners.

I was looking for something like this to help explain some of the finer points of crafting to my daughter. Nice guide, thanks so much for sharing! ^_^
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Default Re: Basics of crafting for beginners.

No problem glad to help. Still working on trying to get info on the rest of the types of crafting... my collection efforts have been lacking.
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Default Re: Basics of crafting for beginners.

Added a bit about weaponsmithing.
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Default Re: Basics of crafting for beginners.

I do not see much about Tailoring, but I would like to offer my small bit of advice.

Tailoring is not as bad as some crafts. You collect items like Tikel and Twisp as you level up your collection skills. These are used for more Cloth type items. You get your rawhides off of mobs. Usually any animal type mobs will drop a type of rawhide. Rawhide is used for Leather type items.

The only problem with tailoring is the need to proc an input item. That means after level 100, you need to proc cloth and pads to the next level to make any decent equipment. I have not gotten high enough, but some pads/cloth need to proc 2 or more times to create the item. The item itself will probably need to proc to noble one time depending on the design. It may be frustrating, but not as bad as doing something like Handicrafting as you need to proc the item first before moving on to the better quality item.

I think that Tailoring is useful for Mage and Scout classes. The belts can be useful to anyone. Since it is easy to start off in, Tailoring should be considered as a potential starting craft. Refining rawhide does not cost anything at the first stage of refinement. It will then cost some kinah to refine to the necessary parts to make a craft. Tikel/Twisp does cost some kinah to refine it to necessary pieces to make the parts for crafting.

I hope this helps some beginners as I did not have this information to start with.
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