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Default Advanced Stigma Quests [Question]

Well, seeing as how I just hit 45, I have a quick question to pose to you guys. If this is in the wrong Forum, I apologize.

Where do I go to start my first Advanced Stigma Quest on the Asmodian Side?

Just curious, as I just recently hit 45........about to ding 46 already [ it me or were the lvls leading up to 45 Harder than this?]

Anyway, where is the quest given out to start it?
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Default Re: Advanced Stigma Quests [Question]

IIRC it is the stigma master dude in Panda
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Default Re: Advanced Stigma Quests [Question]

Stigma guy in the capital building.
First Quest:
SR MID Get some item out a safe. very easy
2nd quest:
SR Lower - Get 4 sheets of paper off the bosses. So Lahu 4 times or 3 bosses at once and Lahu again
3rd Stigma:
Dark Poeta at 50: Get ONE HUNDREDDDD drops off stupid bugs an d a scrolls that is 20% of a mini boss located further in DP. You are absolutely screwed on this if you do not have a static group.

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