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Default Tiamat's Stronghold - Boss Battle Tips

Hi everyone^^.

Through trial and error my static instance group came up with a few tricks to tanking several bothersome bosses in Tiamat's Stronghold with as much ease as possible. This guide will explain the basics behind them, not navigating the boss fights themselves.

I apologize for lack of pics and proper names. I'm very forgetful, so I'll update the guide next time I run TS.

* Ideal group composition:
Templar x 1
Cleric x 1
Chanter x 1
Sorcerer x 1
Ranger x 1
Spiritmaster x 1

This group comp. is all about ranged attacks. This instances has many bosses with heavy AoE damage, so it's actually a better idea to attack from afar. This is your choice however so run how you like. A chanter is definitely needed for this instance; the reason will become apparent in the guide.

Beforehand, a word to Templars in particular.
This instance is very tank oriented, unlike Beshmundir Temple or Rentus Base, where a DPS/PvP build is enough. I recommend a full "Empyrean Providence" build, allowing 1 extra slot for an attack skill. I prefer to go with "Inquisitor's Blow II"; some have told me they like "Illusion Chains". I've tried both and got the same results, so it's up to you.

Also, Magic Resist armor 2k+ works wonders in here, so if available, definitely go with that.




- STRATEGY: Just DPS hard. Every now and then he'll cast a skill called "TREMOR" which can syphon your HP horribly. Make sure you're at least 10 meters away until he's done casting it. The good part is it takes a while to finish, so you have plenty of time to get away. He also casts a type of land mine skill, which causes around 3000 - 4000 damage, nothing a the Cleric can't handle so no actual need to dodge it.

- TIP: At around 25% - 20% health, the boss will cast an attack speed buff on himself than can pile up damage very quickly. The icon is yellow above his debuff row, so when he pops it, the Templar should use "IRON SKIN" to mitigate the damage. Chanters can off-heal or DPS this fight, depending on how well the tank takes the damage.


- POSITIONING: When you enter the room you should see another door behind the boss that opens when you kill it. Hug the wall and move towards it; have the entire party stand on the single step just in front of it.

- ATTACKS: Mostly frontal attacks, one large area AoE that syphons your HP periodically if standing on the floor.

- STRATEGY: DPS hard and the boss dies fast.

- TIP: Don't hit the boss until all the party is in the room, because the boss shuts the door when hit. If the entire party stands on the single step in front of the second door, you can completely avoid the burning floor AoE and this battle becomes a walk in the park. At around 25% - 20% health, the boss will cast an attack speed buff on himself than can pile up damage very quickly. The icon is yellow above his debuff row, so when he pops it, the Templar should use "IRON SKIN" to mitigate the damage. Chanters can off-heal or DPS this fight, depending on how well the tank takes the damage.


- POSITIONING: Have the tank make the boss face away from the party. Everyone needs to be close to one of the metal plates on the floor.

- ATTACKS: Small area AoE, 8 meter cone frontal AoE, full screen AoE that can kill a character in seconds.

- STRATEGY: Hit really hard and the moment she disappears, you'll have about a 2 second window to get to a metal plate that will propel in the air a few times. While flying you can use pots and scrolls. Just be careful not to click on the floor or you could die.

- TIP: Have the tank use "DOOM LURE" or "TAUNT" to bring her to his position. This makes her step away from her "GRAVITY WELL" AoE skill and renders her "GRAVITY COLLAPSE" skill useless. When she casts "COMMANDER'S STRIKE", the tank should move behind her to avoid the 4k+ damage. Always try to lure her away or you'll wonder why you're losing so much HP so fast. Keep an eye out for target drop and moosey to a plate on the ground quick. Don't pop your wings or you might die (trust me it happened to us lol).


- POSITIONING: The tank should make the boss face away from the party. The party will have to constantly move from clock to clock.

- ATTACKS: Frontal attacks which hit very quickly and can cause a lot of damage. He spawns adds sporadically, which have to be downed ASAP. One hit paralyses a party member, generally the Cleric for a few seconds, so focus them quickly.

- STRATEGY: The Chanter should off-heal the tank on this fight, while the other 3 members down the adds when they spawn. The Healer may not be able to keep the tank alive.

- TIP: There's a flight of stairs directly behind the boss. The tank (ONLY) should stand on the SECOND stair from the bottom. Whenever the boss casts his speed buff, a clock should appear directly beneath it and if the tank maintains this position, he'll always have the speed buff available and won't need to jump around from clock to clock. Chanters shouldn't use WoW for this fight as it really isn't needed if the healing is proper. Save if for the next few fights. At 25% - 20% he uses the same speed buff, so use "IRON SKIN" to avoid dying unnecessarily.


- POSITIONING: Healers and ranged DPS should stand at the top of the small flight of stairs when entering this room.

- ATTACKS: Frontal attacks, one nasty full screen slow debuff, spawns hard-hitting adds after he casts his slow.

- STRATEGY: The first person to hit the boss gets the skeleton buff, courtesy of the Eye of Sauron. The skeleton has 2 skills: LEFT: a slow debuff with a 2 second? cooldown. Spam this on the boss. RIGHT: absorb the souls of the adds the boss spawns, killing them in one hit.

- TIP: All characters on the staircase won't get the skeleton buff, so it won't cycle. If you have a Gladiator in the party, he can take the floor too, so only 2 characters have to pay attention to the buff. Kite the boss around the rest of the party while they DPS. When the adds spawn, cast your skele-slow and spam your skele-sorb skill to kill them. The adds will usually run up the stairs to get the Cleric. If it gets too hot, have another party member lure them towards our skele-buddy so he can nomnomnom them^^. NEVER try to tank this boss, he lives up to his name. If you have an Assasin with you, he should use his bow for this fight.


- POSITIONING: The tank should make the boss face towards the right or left of the room, never making him turn his back on the party. The rest of the party needs to flank him, not stab his butt.

- ATTACKS: Frontal heavy damage attacks, front-reverse spike from the floor (hence the need to FLANK it), 10 meter AoE reflect with 2.4k+ damage if in range during its cast time.

- STRATEGY: Chanters need to off-heal the tank. Anuhart hits like a truck on steroids. Tanks have to juggle their skills to not become mincemeat in this grinder.

- TIP: Before Anuhart begins his AoE reflect (cool looking spinning of his greatsword) he'll shout out a phrase so keep your game unmutted. The tank needs to move EXACTLY 10 meters away to avoid damage. Anuhart is bugged so if you move any further he's likely to reset. To ensure he doesn't waste your party's efforts, the tank can move in to hit it at about 5% before the skill completes. He might take a little damage but Anuhart will be less likely to reset. Unlike other bosses, Anuhart will cast 3 speed buffs on himself at different health percentages that can't be stripped. Don't worry too much about him having 2, both healers can keep the tank alive though the tank HAS to pot regularly. When he pops his 3rd and last buff, wait until he does one last AoE reflect. At this point the tank NEEDS to pop "ZIKEL'S SHIELD" and DPS like no tomorrow. If Anuhart hasn't died before Zikel's runs out, then pop "IRON SKIN" immediately when your buff ends. Chanter's can pop their wow for this part, but I'd recommend saving it for the last boss battle.


- POSITIONING: You'll be forced to move around quite a bit in this fight. Similar to boss #2, avoid the floor with red areas, though at one point it will be impossible to do so.

- ATTACKS: Mostly fire based magic attacks and floor debuffs, paralyze inducing static tornados.

- STRATEGY: BEFORE engaging this boss, everyone needs to use a "FINE FIREPROOF SCROLL". This is non-negotiable. Also, make sure you have some food that raises all elemental stats; a nice balaur pork chop will do the trick. Tanks should save their "AETHER ARMOR" until the last portion of the fight, when the entire floor is engulfed in flames. Chanters should pop their WoW at around 30% of the bosses' health. Avoid the fire tornados (i.e. DON'T RUN INTO THEM, THEY'RE STATIC LOL), and always move away from the red floor. Many times Tahabata will teleport to a different location so keep your fingers on your "TAB" key.

- TIP: I like to have the Chanter off-heal for this fight, then DPS near the end, but it's your choice. At around 20% - 15% health, the boss will paralyze the party and apply a fire debuff to the entire floor. This ticks away health very quickly. Tanks should use their "AETHER ARMOR" and "IRON SKIN" if available now. Also, use "EMPYREAN PROVIDENCE" about 3 seconds after the floor goes hot. This will absorb a lot of the damage from the debuff and gives your party enough time to zerg Tahabata into oblivion.

I hope this guide proves useful to those who are having trouble running this instance. I really like this instance, since it's mostly about using your head, not so much your DPS. So far we've had a couple of eternal armor pieces drop, a few mythic grade enchanting supplements and a few gold weapons. Please don't forget to visit the balaur garden right after killing Tahabata, because a big gold chest might spawn that might contain a nice mount to be looted.
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Default Re: Tiamat's Stronghold - Boss Battle Tips

I think this instance is very cleric oriented, just like Besh temple...

With ep tank + bene cleric + ES chanter your dps will be meh. Imagine if you had a sin and a glad too, you'd be in that instance forever.

A great PvE build for a temp would be emp fury + threatening taunt. Chanter can hybrid too (MC + healing burst)
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Default Re: Tiamat's Stronghold - Boss Battle Tips

The chest spawning isn't a might, its a will. For each wing you clear 3 small boxes spawn and killing Tahabata spawns the big gold chest w/ the Protectorate coin. It can also drop an eternal housing decoration.

If you've got the gear though, spec doesn't matter. We run it:

Temp (Emp Fury)
Sin (We like to count how often he gets 1 shot)
Chanter (MC Spec)
Sorc (Me! And I stay wintry b/c idc its just pve)
Cleric (Heal Spec)

And we're out of there in under an hour.
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Default Re: Tiamat's Stronghold - Boss Battle Tips

Originally Posted by KamyuuAR - Siel View Post
You got that right
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Default Re: Tiamat's Stronghold - Boss Battle Tips

Something you can add to guide is that SMs can debuff that yellow buff most bosses use at around 25%.

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