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Default Master Noble Spicy Banquet Table

Seriously? 70 wright's tokens for this recipe and the ONLY thing different from the regular version is that it changes the 30 evasion into 240 hp? Whata' gyp...

**edit: after further examination, I've also found that the crit is increased from 12 to 60, and the food lasts for 45min instead of 30. Probably not worth the fact that it costs twice as many mats to craft, but still... at least it was better than I originally thought.

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Default Re: Master Noble Spicy Banquet Table

Also, if u havent search xD in sarpan u can buy the same recipe for kinah, the difference is that it cost u half the mats (yay!), but, downside part, its quite expensive, i think 8m or something, but if u are someone that does them frequently, u can get good profit crafting them xD

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